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ld89.org is the home of my link dump blog. But you can call me Luke.

I think this is the 6th iteration of this blog but I could be wrong. I work as an SEO, so I spend most of my life with search engines, writing and optimising web content. This blog isn’t part of that work. It’s unoptimised and I like it that way. It used to be my main blog but that’s now over at lukealexdavis.co.uk/posts. From art to tech, culture, design, music, architecture, sports, I blog about anything I find interesting, funny, and/or cool.

ld89.org has little to no influence on anyone (to my knowledge).

About me

I love the Web a great deal. I fell down the WWW rabbit hole back in 2000 and got into coding a year later. Via graphic design, mathematics, a music tech degree, and 7 years in customer service, I found myself in digital marketing. I’m now an SEO.

You can find me on Twitter (when my account is activated). Or here, obviously.

Want some more facts about me?

I’m learning Portuguese, relearning Spanish and French. I have a son who is my pride and joy. I’ve had grey hair since I was 20. I’ve lived in 3 different cities in the UK and 1 in the US (Atlanta for 6 months). I also love Python, HTML, and CSS. And the Web. Have I already said that?

How to contact me

You can email me at [email protected] or tweet me. Just don’t ask me for free work.

Technical stuff about ld89.org

ld89.org is hosted by WordPress.

Want to help fund my content work?

I have a Patreon and Ko-fi. I also have a Bandcamp. Your money goes towards hosting and the means to create more content.

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