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Top 10 Charlies in football history

For 3 Added Minutes, Matthew Gregory compiled a list of the 10 best footballers named Charles in history. He took some creative linguistic licence with a few but there’s no judgement from me:

Karol Poborský

Before we start – yes, Karol is a variation on Charles. Or rather, they come from the same etymological root. Go and argue about it with Susie Dent, if you like. Anyway, Poborský won titles with Manchester United, Slavia Prague and Sparta Prague, but will always be best remembered for his flowing locks and for his role in the Czech Republic’s run to the final of Euro 1996, and, in particular, for that lobbed goal against Portugal.

The funny thing is that he scored an almost identical goal against the same goalkeeper – Vítor Baia – a few years later while playing for Benfica, and nothing he achieved that summer was any kind of bottled lightning. He earned 118 caps for his country and scored over a hundred career goals from the right wing, playing in four different countries. Sadly, the now long-retired winger has gotten rid of the hair.

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Skateboard: ‘a teeter-totter on wheels is the new fad and menace’

Skateboarding, LIFE opined in 1965, is “the most exhilarating and dangerous joyriding device this side of the hot rod.”

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Artist tributes to Pelé

The outpouring of grief from artists and designers around the world demonstrates just how much he meant to everyone in Brazil, and beyond.

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‘HOME’ celebrates football stadia and their songs

Featuring the stadia of St Etienne, Ajax, Barça, and PSG.

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‘Who are your favorite ball players?’

Ashawnta Jackson on Richard Nixon’s fantasy baseball team.

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