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The Darth Vader Statue of Odessa

What was once a statue of Lenin transformed into a monument to the most famous Sith Lord in the universe.

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Cocky little freaks!

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Magazine photos fooled age-verification cameras in Japan

From 2008:

When the reporter went to check out the new age-verifying machines after they were introduced in the Osaka area in June, he soon discovered that the machines equipped with face-recognition cameras would let him buy cigarettes when he held up a 15-centimeter (6-in) wide magazine photo of a man who looked to be in his 50s.

The reporter also went to Kobe, where different face recognition hardware is being used. There, he bought cigarettes using an 8-centimeter (3-in) wide magazine photo of a female celebrity in her 30s. He also reportedly tried to use a 3-centimeter (1-in) wide photo, but the machines rejected it.

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The USSR’s weird relationship with Pepsi

khrushchev drinking from a pepsi cup

In return for cola, Pepsi received Stolichnaya vodka to distribute in the United States. By the late 1980s, Russians were drinking approximately a billion servings of Pepsi a year.

(via Atlas Obscura)

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The Nokia 6310 is back

“The new Nokia 6310 has taken the iconic shape of the original Nokia 6310 and has reimagined it for 2021, with a host of new features including bigger buttons, zoomed in menus, a radio and more.”

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What if Every Second Lasted an Hour?

“At this speed, a minute would last 2.5 days, an hour would last about 5 months. And a day would come in at just under a decade, at 9 years and 10 months.”

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