Use Prince's purple for a:visited in your CSS

March 11, 2020

Evert Pot wrote an article about using a:visited in your stylesheets.

In a nutshell, most people change the styling of their links and that disables a:visited. Purple is the default colour for the selector but that might not always work for your layout. It works for me though. The only issue is I don't like that purple. So I looked for the Pantone colour created in honour of Prince when he passed away in 2016 and I now use that on my main site.

The shade I use is #9663C4 but from the official Pantone PQ-7448C page, it's #4B384C.

Copy the below code to add it to your stylesheets.

My Prince purple version

a:visited { color: #9663C4; }

The Pantone PQ-7448C version

a:visited { color: #4B384C; }

Or the CSS custom variables option

:root { --princepurple: #9663C4; }
a:visited { color: var(--princepurple); }