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LUSH x The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Bottles of Mario and Luigi shower gel (in red and green, respectively)

LUSH is collaborating with the Super Mario Bros. Movie to bring fans a collection of Mario-related bath and shower products.

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Ordering pizza on a Nintendo Wii in 2022 because why not?

It works, the pizza was hot, and it was tasty.

Learn more about the Damae Channel.

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N&B Block – Nintendo’s attempt at a LEGO alternative

N&B Block was a toy line created by Nintendo in the late 60s. They were designed by Nintendo’s game department, headed by Gunpei Yokoi (you know, that dude who designed the Game Boy, Virtual Boy, and WonderSwan). The N&B Block used a stud-locking system similar to LEGO bricks, although there was a variation to the design as not to copy LEGO’s patented tube-locking system. That didn’t stop LEGO from suing Nintendo, and while Nintendo won, they eventually discontinued the toy in the early 1970s.

More on N&B Block

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