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What time is it?

time graffiti

Infographical journal collected 9 facts about time zones.

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Revenge Bedtime Procrastination

Finally, a term for reclaiming your time from work and socialising, but at night and to the detriment of your sleep!

[…] You’re revenge bedtime procrastinating.

That term originated in China, where it’s known as 報復性熬夜, and can alternately be translated as “retaliatory staying up late.” The BBC’s Lu-Hai Liang wrote an excellent article tracing how the term spread in China, partially sparked by a viral tweet by journalist Daphne K. Lee.

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What if Every Second Lasted an Hour?

“At this speed, a minute would last 2.5 days, an hour would last about 5 months. And a day would come in at just under a decade, at 9 years and 10 months.”

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