The Numbers Game: Roger Federer

March 06, 2017

Roger Federer

I love Roger Federer (proof is in my Twitter bio and one of my last articles. After his win against Stan Wawrinka, I thought about the incredible statistics from his career. Here are some of them in all their numerical glory.

(As of 13th June 2018, information according to Wikipedia)

124,774,930 - Federer's prize money earnings (in dollars)
1222 - Number of professional wins in his career
996 - Number of consecutive weeks in the top 50 (since 12th June 2000)
932 - Number of outdoor match career wins
452 - Number of tie breaks won
353 - Number of matches won in Grand Slams
310 - Number of weeks spent as World Number 1
221 - Number of wins against Top 10 opponents
102 - Number of career titles
82.2 - Career win percentage
77 - Number of Grand Slam appearances overall
65 - Number of consecutive matches won in grass court events - the longest grass court streak of the Open Era.
56 - Number of consecutive matches won in hard court events - the longest hard court streak of the Open Era.
55 - Number of Grand Slam quarter final appearances
45 - Number of Grand Slam semi final appearances
32 - Number of Grand Slam final appearances
20 - Number of Grand Slam titles

(If there are any more you think I should add, let me know.)